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Make Your Home Adaptable

Since this is National Home Remodeling Month, let's talk about the adaptations you could make to your existing home so it will remain the perfect place for you and your family to live well into the future. Upgrading, repairing and maintaining your home is very important. Not only to the home's day-to-day liveability, but also adding to the future value your home may bring if you sell it. If you are considering a home remodel specifically because you DON'T want to sell it and it can't easily adapt to your growing needs, you may want to speak with Longevity Home Solutions. Here are some examples of ways to make your home adaptable, whether for family additions or impending/newly existing health challenges.

The average age of the current homeowner continues to rise. More and more people are understanding the benefits of remodeling to handle the needs of aging-in-place. Other younger families may be considering adding to their homes to accommodate aging parents. Some families even experience a "bounce-back" of their adult children and their own families and need modifications to their homes to adapt. Regardless of the reason, anyone can make their home adaptable with thoughtful renovations that remain true to the original design of your home.

Many of the most popular aging-in-place modifications made for a more adaptable home are in curb-less showers, higher toilets, grab bars, shower seats, higher countertops, wider doorways, ramps, chair lifts, and even elevators. Generally, a growing family might need add-ons to the home, room additions, finished bonus spaces/basements/attics/garages and ADU's like backyard cottages and in-law suites.

According to a recent AARP survey, 77% of older adults intend to remain in their homes for the long term. Most people over 65 still want their independence and to live where they love, so aging in place renovations seem to get more and more popular. If you need help to make your home more adaptable, no matter what the reason may be, CONTACT on Longevity Home Solutions.

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