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Home for the Holidays

So, what is aging in place? The term is generally a newer phrase coined for the aging baby boomer generation’s choice to remain at home versus moving to a senior community. But aging in place can happen within a family member’s home as well, creating a multi-generational environment. While aging in place is not the same as a universal home for those with disabilities, both can have overlapping nuances depending on age, health status, and long-term planning. Someone in the beginning stages of a progressive condition such as Parkinson’s, Dementia, diabetes, or MS may only require light modifications for safety and accessibility. But good planning would include setting the stages for more advanced home modification as a condition progresses over time.

One of the biggest challenges when discussing a home modification for yourself or a family member is creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that will enhance the value of the home rather than detracting from the value. How is this possible and what is it important? With an explosion in the longevity demographic, baby boomers are turning back to a multi-generational environment that existed prior to World War 2. In some cases, parents are moving in with children while economics may drive children to move into the parent’s home. Now adding in a pandemic, it will not be uncommon to see 3-5 generations of family under the same roof, as exists in many countries around the world. Homes that serve this purpose are more likely to sell quicker over the next ten years as modification and design are already in place without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars, in addition to a home purchase.

Whether you are in an older, outdated rancher or multi-floor home, from the basement to the attic, a design/build solution suited to your needs can be achieved with the right professional team.

Don’t be stressed about the Holidays!! Call Longevity Solutions, your Certified Age in Place Specialists, today for a design-build solution for your family’s future.

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