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Aging In Place Living

What is Aging in Place?

Aging in place refers to a person making a conscious decision to stay in the home of their choice for as long as they are able, with all of the comforts they have become accustomed to. As people get older, their bodies may not do the things they've always done - mobility can be an issue and they sometimes not be able to access the things they could before. To be independent in their day-to-day lives, people who chose aging in place may need modifications to their home. These renovations and modifications can allow them to stay where they live and not worry about whether they will have to move to another place that can adapt to their needs. They can continue to live their lives at home!

Challenges To Aging In Place

The main challenge to aging in place is that you MUST plan ahead. Houses don't just magically become adaptable to sudden changes in their owner's health or well-being. Planning ahead is an absolute necessity. If you wish to make your home one that you could stay in well into the future, you'll want an experienced expert to help you plan the renovations and get them done, ideally, BEFORE you absolutely need them.

No matter how fit we are or how much we take care of our bodies, eat right, exercise and keep our minds well trained and souls happy with mindfulness and being grateful; aging CAN and WILL change us. Certain inevitable physical, mental and emotional changes will occur that can effect the way we live, such us

  • Poor eyesight

  • Reduced muscle mass

  • Diminished endurance, both physical and mental

  • Higher risk of accidents due to bone fragility, lack of balance

  • Reduced hearing capacity

  • Diminished mobility and agility

  • Decreased flexibility

Planning for a future with these possible changes in mind means you, and your home, will be better prepared to combat any challenges that are beyond your control.

Bottom Line, Boomers!

In 2000, there were just over 35 million American citizens aged 65 or older. By 2030, according to the US Census Board, there will be about 70 million Americans aged 65 or older, which would make this age group almost 20% of the total US population. If you are in this group and planning for your future, you may need to plan for changes to your existing home. Find someone who is experienced in aging and place renovations, like Longevity Home Solutions, and consult with them about the possibilities. Point is, you deserve to live where you want to live. You should spend the rest of your life right where you want to be! Plan. Just plan. Let us know if we can help you. 804-217-8367

Contact Longevity Home Solutions today for a free consult on possible renovations that will make aging in place something you can do in your existing home. We can provide in-person consultations as well as video conferences. Longevity Home Solutions will create the beautiful adaptive living space you've always dreamed of!

Whether it's accessibility in and out of a residence, bathing, cooking, or just general enjoyment of the home, a plethora of designs and products are available to a traditionally underserved market. Creating an adaptable design for your existing home means will be able to live there as long as you like. Start planning now.

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