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Custom Homes

Longevity Home Solutions will create the beautiful adaptive living space you've always dreamed of!


Whether it is accessibility in and out of a residence, bathing, cooking, or just general enjoyment of the home, a plethora of designs and products are available to a traditionally underserved market. Having an adaptable design in a new, custom built home means will be able to live there as long as you like.

Partnering with a seasoned CAPS (Certified Age in Place Specialist) design-build professional can make this a less stressful process as new ideas based on past experience benefit your project. Those who need adaptive living spaces should have tailored solutions to their particular needs, as not everyone is of the same age, build, height, and level of adaptive requirement. Where ADA is a one-size shoe fits all solution for public and commercial space, a person's home should be design-built for their unique needs.

Contact Longevity Home Solutions today for a free consult on a new adaptive home. We provide video conferences and in-person consultations following all required safety protocols.

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